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What to do if You Have Trouble Logging in to Your Course or Subscription

Step 1. Confirm the email address

Is the email address being used to login exactly the same as the email address associated with your customer account?

Please check that your email address matches the email address associated with your account. Ensure that it is exactly as their email appears in your Contacts tab as the login is case-sensitive.

Step 2. Reset password

Have you attempted to reset their password from your site login page?

If not, try a password reset. Learn to reset your password

Step 3. Try a different browser

You may want to consider clearing your browser cache. Here are a few commonly used browsers and their support guides on how to clear their browser cache:

If you continue to have login issues, please email the following: your full name, the course you are trying to access, screenshots of any errors, and details of the issue you are experiencing to:

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