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Wild Mustang Training

Taming the Wild Horse

Wild Mustang Gentling Course


Learn quiet, fear-free, stress-free approaches to taming, gentling, and creating rapport with wild horses.

While this course is about gentling wild horses, it’s applicable for any horse especially scared and distrustful horses in general.

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Wild Horse Gentling Course!

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I invite you to join me on this beautiful journey with Lando, the 5-year-old Wild Mustang from Idaho who gets a new chance on life.

Caroline and Lando the Wild Mustang

Hi, I’m Caroline Beste, creator of this course and founder of my groundbreaking and transformational approach to developing horses and people, called Tao of Horsemanship.


I created the Wild Horse Gentling Course to help horse owners, and trainers like you who want a kinder, more empathetic, and stress-free way of interacting, handling, taming, and training horses.


I have had the honor of helping thousands of students and horses throughout the years, from start to finish, wild to rescued, novice to grand prix, thrive and reach their potential.

During this process I have seen a pattern in horse handling and training that deeply saddens me. This sadness is what motivates me to do my best to share what I have learned so I can make it easier for horses to live, flourish and thrive when interacting with us and learning from us.


In the end, my hope is to bring all of us together so we can unite and make the changes necessary for horses to be revered as pets not livestock, and treated with the dignity, intelligence and respect they so need and deserve.

The Wild Horse Gentling Course teaches you:

  • How to create the best and most positive learning environment for your horse.

  • How to use natural instincts, psychology, and evidence-based science to learn about your horse so you can work with them, not against them.

  • How to develop a healthy and trusting relationship with your horse using mindful approaches, and requests, your horse understands and accepts.

  • How to develop rapport, a bond, connection, and communication.

  • How to allow your horse to choose you, accept what you are asking them to do vs submit to you.

  • How to respect and support your horse’s ability to think and figure things out vs make them do what you want.

  • How to choose the path of least resistance when working with your horse so they aren’t stressed and remain calm and open to learning while in their parasympathetic nervous system.

  • How to understand and read your horse so your horse feels safe and chooses to be with you and learn from you.

  • Feel and timing and when to hold the space for learning, when to push them out of their comfort and when to pause or back off and allow for dwell time.

  • Basic handling, haltering and leading techniques.

  • How to introduce new experiences without fear and build confidence as a learner.

  • How to enjoy new experiences such as grooming, bathing, trimming, trailer loading.

  • How to properly socialize and learn good behaviors around other horses.

  • And, so much more!

Our Student’s Experiences…


The Course Includes

Over 50 documentary-lesson videos, 75 hours of education and BONUS Courses!
Here’s A Short List of What You Receive…
Wild Mustang being Transported
Lando’s Arrival and First Day

You get to see and experience the transport challenges Caroline, Lando and the owners were faced with while orchestrating Lando’s drop off at Caroline’s farm.

Lando had never been handled and did not have a halter. Yet, the biggest challenge was the semi-truck who was too big to fit down Caroline’s driveway. 

Caroline had to come up with a plan that would enable Lando to get from the semi-truck to a private hauler’s trailer, and then to her training area where the round pen was kept.

Lando’s First Month at Liberty

Here is what happens the first few weeks with Caroline and her herd:

  • Accepts Caroline’s presence during feeding, watering, and mucking

  • Comes to rely on Caroline for his survival and needs and not see her as a threat to his survival

  • Allows and engages in rapport building and bonding – sharing space and Being

  • Trusting Caroline more and more!

  • Accepting touch, grooming, the halter and lead, fly spray – all at liberty and free choice!

  • Caroline is finally able to get the 2 auction stickers off  

  • Caroline brings in her school masters to help show, and teach, Lando what she wants and is asking, such as being comfortable with the halter, lead rope, and picking up the hooves

  • Caroline can finally halter Lando and help him feel safe and comfortable with the lead rope

Caroline and Wild Mustang Bonding
Wild Mustang Training
Lando’s Second Month On-line

Here’s what you can expect in his second month:

  • More rapport building and development so Caroline can begin to take him outside of the pen in relationship and trust

  • Basic techniques and education he will need to be safely and comfortably handled, such as: backing, sending, leading, bathing, becoming familiar with the barn and stall and handling of his hooves

  • Socializing him and getting him used to the herd and spending time as a herd

  • Getting him used to different handlers including his owner, staff, farrier, vet, and chiropractor

  • Loading him into the trailer with ease and confidence

Random Videos​

Lando has successfully learned how to socialize with both humans and horses by now and has created a deep and trusting friendship with both Caroline and her horses.


His immediate socializing and learning is now complete and he is ready (confident and open) to learning new things.


These few videos were taken in a 2-month period and after his first 2-months of learning. They show:

  • The principle of why “less is more” works best when training horses

  • Horses are naturally curious and when allowed to be curious they will learn quickly

  • Horses are smart, and when given time to figure things out, they will

  • How much horses learn through association, each other, and natural habituation – you just have to know how to set it all up!

  • How purposeful and daily interaction helps set the horse up for learning and retaining

  • Why operant conditioning, pressure & release and desensitizing are not necessary and often ruin horses

Wild Mustang Trailer Loading


Included For Free When You Join
Caroline and Horses

8 video lessons that teach you Caroline’s secrets to achieving oneness with horses in everything!


These principles are used with every horse including Lando and are the “Holy Grail” to achieving the relationship and ride of your dreams with horses.

8 Principles to Mastering Consensual Partnership

Understanding Horses

Understanding Horses

This short course will help you get started on learning how to read and understand your horse’s behavior, how they learn and what motivates them.

Learning About Horses

This short course will help you better understand how horse’s process information, assimilate and how they learn through their nervous system.


This is key to learning how to work with a horse’s instincts, and trauma.

The Neuroscience
of Learning

Yes, I want Lifetime Access to the
Wild Horse Gentling Course!

Pay in full $497

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