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8 Pillars to Success

Caroline’s training system is the most comprehensive, and successful online training program available. 


Her program offers it all, teaching you her 8 pillars of success so you too can achieve the deepest, most meaningful relationship and safest ground and riding partnership possible with your horse!


Whether you need to start, re-start or rehabilitate your horse, Caroline’s training system will teach you how – every step of the way.


Caroline has developed thousands of horses - from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, novice to pro using her signature and proven horse-human developmental MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program – a first of its kind training system she pioneered in 2008.


Within the training system, there is a training program consisting of 8 pillars. Each is designed as a building block for the next to follow, creating a step-by-step process of learning for you and your horse. 


The pillars are part of the core curriculum, offering hundreds of video lessons and written tutorial designed to teach you how to develop your horse holistically, from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish,  

rehab to recovery, novice to pro.


The following 8 pillars comprise the core training curriculum:


1. Attunement & Mindfulness 

Becoming attuned and connected to your horse through sensory awareness, intuition, and energy connection. This begins from the inside out and from within both you and your horse. 


This is how you learn to feel of and for one another as you become conscious equals on your journey to consensual partnership. 


2. Spirituality – The Path to Conscious Horsemanship

Spirituality is a personal voyage into self-awareness, self-actualization, and oneness with all things. Being spiritual is a journey into our very essence, our consciousness, and our Being and this is where horses can be our spirit guides. 


Horses are masters at Being and oneness – living harmoniously, peacefully, and attuned.  They have so much to teach us, if we are willing to sit still, be quiet, listen and learn.


3. Horse Psychology & Behavior 

99% of unwanted behaviors are learned and a result of a need that isn’t being met. Learning your horse’s nature, needs and learned behaviors is key to developing horses they way they need as individuals and with love and leadership.


4. Liberty – Joining in Mind, Body & Heart Connection

Developing liberty with you horse in everything you do is both a test and the end goal. Liberty means the freedom to choose. We want our horses to choose us – choose to love us, be with us, and work with us.


This is a process where you will learn how to join with your horse in heart/relationship, the mind/thought and body/movement and in everything you do together.


5. Groundwork & Shaping Behavior

Taking what you’ve learned thus far and applying it to specific groundwork exercises and techniques designed to develop good habits, trust, confidence, and partnership in your horse.


6. Biomechanics & The Art of Lunging – Pilates for Your Horse

Many things happen simultaneously at this level of horse-human development. While you are learning how to develop your horse’s movement before you ride the movement, you are also learning how to embody energy, rhythm so you can train your body to ride the movement. 


While you and your horse’s movement are being developed, so is your connection, communication and feel and timing of the aids.


And that’s not all. You are also working on your horse’s emotional agility, and self-regulation of their nervous system.


7. Riding as One & Refinement

Taking what you’ve learned thus far and applying it to your riding. You will refine your horse’s movement through a series of arena exercises and patterns creating a horse that is supple, confident, connected, balanced and safe. You will also learn how to ride the movement bareback, confident, and in balance.

8. Testing the Truth of Your Relationship

When pillars 1-7 are solid, you will be able to ride anywhere bitless and bareback, alone and in groups.

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