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Do the Tao now and become one with your horse.

Host a Clinic or Symposium
with Caroline Beste, Tao of Horsemanship.

Host Perk

Host an event at your facility at no charge and receive free participation


Organizing an Event

Caroline is a pro at organizing events and is more than happy to help you get started on hosting one of her events at your farm or facility. Please read the following and if you have any questions contact

Event Requirements 

  1. Enclosed Area: An enclosed working or riding area such as an indoor or covered space large enough to accommodate the event and keep everyone comfortable.

  2. Bathrooms: On-site bathroom(s) or porta-potty.

  3. Seating: Seating area (everyone brings their own chairs) for 30+ people.

  4. Stabling: Horse accommodations for people who are trailering in. 

  5. Parking: Parking for 30+ cars and 6-8 trailers.

  6. Lease horses: Are they available for participants to lease? If yes, how many and the cost? 

  7. Venue cost: We prefer to barter participation for venue cost.


Host Responsibilities

  1. Event Date: Schedule an event date with 3-6 months in advance.

  2. Promotion: 

    1. Distribute event flyers and/or social media posts created by Tao of Horsemanship.

    2. Market the event within the horse community, on websites, social media, etc.

    3. Weekly marketing of event, starting 3-6 months before event.

  3. Event site: assistance with coordinating, handling, and executing the event requirements.


Tao of Horsemanship Responsibilities

Tao of Horsemanship is responsible for collecting and making payments, this includes collecting participant and auditor monies and paying venue costs if applicable. 

Event Venue Application

If you would like to be considered for a venue for a Tao of Horsemanship event, please complete this form.

Hosting Inquiry

Which type of in-person event are you interested in hosting?

Thank you! Caroline will get back to you via email soon!

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