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Watch as we take 3 “hot” racehourses off the track and turn them into happy, confident and safe riding partners in just 90 days following Caroline's Tao of Horsemanship principles of training.

OTTB Re-Training Course

Follow the journey and re-education of:
Lovey - OTTB - Thoroughbred Horse
Joey - OTTB - Thoroughbred Horse
Billy - OTTB - Thoroughbred Horse

Training Principles that Work for Any Horse!

This course includes over 100 lengthy, unedited video lessons, and bonus courses, providing you with a compassionate, holistic, classical and evidence-based approach to training and problem-solving that has proven to work for thousands of horses and riders!

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Watch  Caroline's three OTTBs amazing tranformation in just 12-weeks -

everything from liberty and play, to groundwork, lunging, riding the collected

canter to trail riding in a rope halter and bareback. 


From OTTB Re-training Course Students

Thank you, Caroline, for taking the time
to explain and simplify these very
complicated riding principles.

Your teachings about feel and timing is masterful and what's missing today."

Lovey's ridden video was great!  Best illustration I've seen on what correct lateral movements look like.
- Nancy B
Looking at these horses and hearing what you say about their experiences and resulting mindset teaches me about my own self, too;
I find we're all the same really and I'm learning as much as the horse!  Thank you."

It's so great to have the reasoning behind the method and all the other elements, like body language etc., explained; it all makes sense and that's the best way to learn.
- Stephanie
I am learning so much! Every lesson is packed full of education, tips, strategies and inspiration. I love going out and trying your techniques on my horse and seeing instant results! Thank you!

Really enjoyed your thorough descriptions of what we are seeing. I love being able to train my eyes to the subtle details that are happening in each gait and/or movement.
- Brooklyn
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What's Included

Your Course Includes
  • 24/7 lifetime access

  • Expert instruction, layers of knowledge, skill building techniques and trouble-shooting strategies at your finger tips! 

  • Over 75 hours of video lessons covering
    everything from relationship, connection, feel and timing, communication, ground, in-hand, lunging, biomechanics, suppling, impulsion, mind-body congruency, bitless and balanced riding, mounting to cantering to spooky horse behavior emergency techniques, and so much more!


Your Bonuses Include
  • Week 13 - Extra Week of Learning!

  • How Horses Learn – Basic Instincts, Psychology & How the Nervous System Works

  • Short Courses:

    • Understanding Horses Learning Styles & Language

    • Re-starting the Traumatized Riding Horse

    • Transition to Bitless & Teaching Contact

One-Time Payment 




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Horse in Pasture
connection and love of horses

About Your Instructor & Her Method


Caroline Beste is an International Educator, Equine Advocate, Working Equitation Instructor, and Rehab and Riding Foundation Specialist. She is globally recognized for her holistic, natural, and classical approach to training for the whole horse and rider.

Caroline’s experience working with thousands of unhappy horses and riders motivated her in 2008 to create the first-of-its-kind holistic, and congruent horse-human connection training method called Tao of Horsemanship.

The Tao of Horsemanship is a heart-based, mind-body centered training system designed to develop you and your horse together, so you can be, move and Ride as One™ in true unity.

Ride as One™ teaches riders how to develop themselves so they can ride in complete heart-mind-body connection, congruence, and alignment with their horse. This is the way to all things possible with horses, producing happy, self-regulated, balanced, and deeply connected partnerships.

The success of the Tao of Horsemanship method lies in its complete and thorough training system. The education is comprehensive, and deeply layered, offering a step-by-step training curriculum that is holistically applied, natural to the horse, evidence based and classically principled. 

When woven together these teachings create the elements necessary to develop horses and people to their fullest potential, easily, naturally, and congruently from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, novice to pro.

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