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Masterclass Webinars

These are no ordinary classes. They are extraordinary masterclasses
taught by expert master horsewoman, Caroline Beste.

Caroline knows horses inside out and understands what it takes to earn their trust, respect, consent, and true partnership freely, willingly and without stress, force, coercion, or submission.


Her Masterclass Webinars are designed as road maps to developing the depth of relationship, connection, and communication necessary for you to achieve the relationship and ride of your dreams with horses.


In addition, they are designed to help you achieve the level of personal, professional and relationship success you need to reach you and your horse’s potential.


Masterclass Webinar Choices

If you’re looking for a better understanding, a thorough and comprehensive educational class, a deeper and more meaningful way to connect, communicate and develop your horse and your horsemanship, Caroline’s Masterclass Webinars are for you!


Spirituality of Horsemanship

Discover the Spirituality of Horsemanship through feel, intention, and energy awareness and achieve the relationship and connection of your dreams with horses.

Caroline Grounding Herself With Horses

Create the foundation for training horses in relationship, connection, two-way conversation and true partnership.

This masterclass webinar is designed to teach you transformative mind, body, and heart-connection practices to align, synchronize, and connect you and your horse and in everything you do together. 

The benefits of working with our heart chakra, our energy and our horse’s energy are many. This masterclass will teach you how to connect with your horse deeply and create the following:

  • The deepest of connections and on many levels: emotional, mental, cellular, chemical, and physical.

  • Feelings of ease, peace, clarity, and well-being.

  • Connection, communication, and consensual partnership. 

  • Foundation of real and true trust, respect, feelings of safety and desire for connection and partnership.

  • Releases stress and tension and replaces it with calm and relaxation.

  • Energetic space for both horses and humans to connect and heal each other.

  • Emotional agility and self-regulation.

  • Elimination of behavioral issues and stressors.

  • Fluidity, balance, and ease.

  • And so much more!


Consensual Partnership

Consensual Partnership Training is the formula and the foundation to reaching your potential while achieving the relationship and ride of your dreams with horses.

Caroline Riding With Her Horses

Develop a true partnership with your horse with consensual training that builds a lifelong foundation and willingness to learn.

Consensual Partnership Training will teach you the following: 

  • How to create those magical experiences with your horse and training every day and in every way.

  • How to develop the most amazing relationship and working partnership with your horse.

  • How to understand your horse and meet their needs and why that’s the #1 key to achieving consent, relationship, and true partnership. 

  • How to create a horse that is willing, confident, safe, happy and wants to learn.

  • How to create flow, harmony, and ease with your horse - in every situation.

  • How to develop any horse, from ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, novice to grand prix using one training system/formula. 

  • Why foundation training is the key to being successful with horses and achieving your potential, goals, and dreams easily.

  • How to use a holistic, classical, and evidence-based training system together to get easy and stress-free results with your horse.

  • How to avoid creating stress, accidents, and confusion with your horse.

  • And, so much more!


About Masterclass Webinars

Masterclasses provide students the highest level of education within a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline. 

Caroline’s Masterclass Webinars do just that and more. They not only provide students, at all levels of experience, the opportunity to advance their understanding, education and skills with horses, they create the opportunity for personal development, growth, and transformation.


Caroline’s approach to teaching people is holistic, classical, evidence-based, and logical. Her instruction and training merges tradition and time-tested teachings with new science and an intuitive approach that is sound, practical, and profound.

Preparation is Key

Each Masterclass Webinar purchase includes:

  • 2-hours of recorded live lecture, PPT, classroom and Q&A.

  • Power point presentation (PPT) designed to teach you the foundation of Caroline’s amazing training system and methodology to developing you and your horse’s potential. 

  • A Roadmap, course of action, to help you move forward and develop the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse.  

  • 7 video lessons.

  • Study worksheet outlining the discussion points, practice exercises and space for notetaking.

  • 30-day subscription to the masterclass giving you access to all the materials presented including: recording, PPT, video lessons, worksheet, Q&A.

You won’t experience this level of connection to learning and understanding 
the big picture anywhere else.

Meet Your Instructor

Caroline With Her Herd of Horses

For almost two decades, Caroline has brought her highly successful methods to thousands of horses and people from varying disciplines and backgrounds, helping them achieve their goals through relationship, consent, and permission with horses.

Caroline’s focus is education, rehabilitation, and foundation, teaching people the value of authentic relationship and true partnership with horses. 


She shares her knowledge and secrets to her amazing relationships, successful rehabilitation and solid riding foundation in her signature Masterymembership Riding Foundation Program

In addition to being a world-class trainer for both horses and people, Caroline is an artist, author, entrepreneur, speaker, radio show host, licensed Working Equitation Trainer, and Riding as One™ founder. 

She offers one of the largest and most comprehensive online educational platforms, The Tao of Horsemanship, hosting a variety of courses produced and personally taught by Caroline and her school masters. 

Additionally, you will find her podcast, Everything Horses & More! just as informative, engaging, filled with heart-warming stories, nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. 


Caroline resides with her husband, son, family of horses, 2 adorable cats and sundry of flower gardens, on their tranquil farm in Marion County, FL where she provides private and group instruction and training for both horses and people. 

Please click here for information about onsite and online training courses and packages.

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