When riding is consensual,
your horse wants you,
respects you
and keeps you safe.

A groundbreaking approach to learning how to work with horses that redefines the way we think about, handle, care for, train and ride.

This is no ordinary program. It is an extraordinary school that produces extraordinary results.


A revolutionary approach to working with horses that combines horse-human relationship and development into one universal, multi-faceted training program.


There is no other training system, or educational program, that is this complete or offers a comprehensive, thorough step-by-step learning process.

To begin with, the program combines the teachings of the masters in Classical Horsemanship, Taoism and Tai Chi, developing horse and human from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery.


It’s core values and teachings focus on relationship, communication, and consensual partnership. There’s nothing more magical than to develop together with your horse, in true unity, all the way from beginning to Grand Prix.


If you’ve been searching for a proven, holistic and science-based training system that will develop you and your horse's potential, this program is for you.

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Reimagine horse training…

Create the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse today.

What are you waiting for?


What MasteryMemberhsip Students are Saying...

Join students and riders from all over the world who, like you, want to learn how to begin their horses training and foundation using a compassionate, positive and progressive training system.

MasteryMembership Testimonials

MasteryMembership Testimonials

MasteryMembership Testimonials