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Caroline Beste - Founder of the Tao of Horsemanship
When riding is consensual,
your horse
wants you,
respects you
and keeps you safe.

A groundbreaking approach to developing horses and humans together from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, novice to pro.

The only Horse-Human Training System Based on Spirituality, Relationship, and Choice.

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This is no ordinary program. It is an extraordinary process, producing extraordinary results.

My MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program offers it all. It is the only comprehensive, inclusive, and versatile horse-human developmental system designed to teach horse owners how to develop themselves and their horsemanship together, as one in relationship, thought and movement.


It is a roadmap specifically designed to guide you and your horse as you develop the relationship and ride of your dreams together. 


With a focus on developing relationships, trust, and choice with horses, you learn how to develop and train horses through a heart-mind-body centered training called Tao of Horsemanship – a training system I pioneered in 2008.


This is a magical experience, creating a way of Being and doing together for both that is easy, stress-free, and harmonious. This is also what makes my program work for all horses and riders.


The success of my program also lies in the level of education and design of the curriculum. The education is comprehensive, and deeply layered, offering a training curriculum that is well-rounded, holistic, classically principled, and evidence based and progressive. 


When woven together they create the elements necessary to developing horses and people to their fullest potential, easily, naturally, and harmoniously from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, novice to pro.



Caroline Beste

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Reimagine horse training…
Create the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse today!

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This mindful and heart-based approach is the holy grail to achieving
the relationship and ride of your dreams with horse!

Natural and Holistic Horse Training

My experience with horses as intelligent, sentient beings inspired me to create my signature and proven horse-human developmental training system, Consensual Partnership Training – a first of its kind horse-human training system based on spirituality, relationship, and consensual partnership.

Like so many of you, I studied with the best only to find myself confused and my horse no longer trusting me. I spent thousands of dollars learning from others before I stopped the madness, paid more attention to my heart and started listening to my horse.

That’s what makes my horse-human developmental program so amazing! I’ve done the hard work, spent the money and learned what I needed to become the kind of teacher you and your horse need.

No more wasting your time, your money, and your relationship on training
that isn’t good for you and isn’t going to work. 

Invest in my program and you will be making the Beste investment in you,
your horsemanship, and your future together.

What’s Included 


There are over 500 lessons with 300 video lessons within the first four courses that make up the core curriculum. These lessons provide you with the key building blocks needed to develop the safest and most solid relationship, liberty, ground, lunging and riding foundation.

Each lesson has been designed as a building block for the next to follow, 

creating both a progressive training system and personally transformational journeyall wrapped up into one educational program!

In addition to the hundreds of step-by-step video lessons, you receive the following:

  • Welcome Section 

  • Table of Contents, 13-pages - it’s that huge!

  • Written Tutorial/Workbook 

  • Practice/Work Sheets 

  • Supplemental Reading Material/Articles by Leading professionals

  • 2-years of Weekly Recorded Q&A Webinars & Table of Contents

  • Short Courses

  • Unedited Clinics

  • Problem Solving Courses

  • Private Facebook Group – join students of like-mind from around the World!

Caroline Beste Connection With Horse

1st Course: Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship - the foundation for everything possible!


The Spirituality of Horsemanship is the foundation of Caroline’s work and is designed to teach you how to work in harmony with your horse using the power of intention, energy, and synchronized movement.


This is how you develop a confident, connected, and balanced horse through relationship, energy awareness, and synchronized movement exercises.


The skills you develop in this course will become the relationship that binds you and your horse in everything you do, most importantly as you learn to work together and as one.


It is also about emotional agility and self-regulation and teaches you how to create ease, flow and calm within you and your horse. 


Whether you are starting a weanling, developing a young horse, re-training an older horse or rehabilitating, this course will show you how to develop them, or rebuild them, and most of all create the most amazing relationship and consensual partnership.


So, no more fighting, forcing, coercion or excessive pressure to make your horse do what you want!

2nd Course: Tao Training Method - developing you and your horse from ground to riding as one.

This course is the most comprehensive and expands on the first course, diving deeper, offering a plethora of knowledge, principles, science, skills, and building blocks. 


Here is where you learn how to maintain and nurture the relationship, mindfulness and connection developed in course one, applying it to the technical and mechanical aspects of training. These lessons create the level of ground and riding foundation we need to feel safe and solid.


There are 12 modules, and 7 core areas of study within each offering over 200 step-by-step video lessons total. This course is where you will learn how to train your horse, teaching you the “how to” of developing any horse – from young horses to starting and re-starting, rehabilitation to second level dressage.


Caroline has developed thousands of horses using this program and has carefully and strategically designed this course to include the areas needed to develop together, as one, from ground to riding – bitless and balanced. 


Caroline Beste Riding Bitless
Caroline Beste Holistic Horse Training

3rd Course: Problem Solving Strategies - strategies designed to help you better understand and work together.


The Problem-solving Strategy course not only provides you with more insight and education, but it also shows you how to resolve some of the most difficult challenges that arise when learning and training.

This course is broken down into 6 areas and follows my curriculum so that you have both support and strategies to resolve some of the most challenging situations.

There are multiple training videos within each area, providing you with more understanding, an intelligent perspective into the mind and behaviors of the horses as well as innovative tactics to solving some of the most common and difficult training problems.

In addition to the amount of information presented within each, you will learn the necessary skill sets and strategies to unlock old, negative behaviors while creating new and positive change within you and your horse.

4th Course: Holistic Horse Care & Wellness Guide - a holistic approach to your horse’s health, care & well-being.


This guide offers a holistic perspective and approach to horse’s care, health, wellness, and well-being. Caroline provides you with personal experience and time-tested results ranging from all-natural nutrition, saddle fitting, farrier to chiropractic, lameness, nutrition, equine emotions, transportation and trailering and so much more!

Training Young Horses

Oh, There's Even More!

These courses dive in deep too! Teaching you how to apply what you are learning in the program.

Connection and Bonding with Horses

Connection & Communication 3 day Workshop

Horse Riding Clinic in Florida

Art of Connected Riding Clinic, 2 day Course

Lunging a Horse

Art of Lunging Explained

Training Horses Narturally and Holistically
Chakra Systems

Restarting the Traumatized Horse Course

Chakra System & Meditation Course

And There's Bonuses!​


That's right, we're not done yet! The following bonuses are included:

24/7 Lifetime Access - Immediate Access to Everything! 

1-on-1 Introductory Call with Caroline

Weekly Q&A Webinars

(Over 100 hours of in-depth discussion, answers, wisdom and inspiration)

Caroline Beste and Smokey

Caroline Beste

Founder, Teacher & Experiential Guide

Caroline Beste is an International Clinician, Equine Relationship Specialist, Intuitive Horsewoman, Working Equitation Instructor, and Rehab and Riding
Foundation Master.

She is globally recognized for her intuitive and holistic approach to teaching horse owners how to develop themselves while developing the relationship and ride of their dreams with horses. 

For almost two decades, Caroline has brought her highly successful methods to thousands of horses and people from varying disciplines and backgrounds, helping them develop liberty, ground, lunging, Riding as One, and rehabilitation with horses through relationship, understanding, mutual respect and consensual partnership.

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