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Caroline Riding with Sundance, Smokey and Legend

Consensual Partnership/CPT

The Way to Be and Work with Horses

My experience with horses as intelligent, sentient beings inspired me to create my signature and proven horse-human developmental training system, Consensual Partnership Traininga first of its kind horse training system 
based on spirituality, relationship, and true partnership.

My beloved horse Legend, who I am riding in the above photo, taught me the most especially how to attune, listen and embody what I teach. Everything became effortless with Legend when I learned and applied the way (the Tao) to Being, feeling of and working as one with him in mind (thought), body (movement), and spirit (nature).


Consensual Partnership Training is one of a kind and the only horse-human training system designed to develop both horse and human together – at the same time. 


Consensual Partnership Training offers a thorough, step-by-step curriculum to follow, and guides you spiritually while it teaches you how to develop your horse holistically, from the inside out, ground to riding, start to finish, rehab to recovery, beginner to pro. 

Its core principles are based on developing, and nurturing, relationship, two-way connection and communication, mutual trust, love, consent, permission, and acceptance.


That’s right, no treats, or bribery needed because you are the treat! The deep relationship you develop through consensual partnership training is all you and your horse need to achieve the dream relationship and ride as one.

Consensual Partnership Training teaches you a natural way to build rapport with your horse, developing an enriching relationship that works with their true nature - a way that is authentically aligned with who they are.

This is a pain-free, stress-free process that does not use pressure and release, operant conditioning, dominance, force, or coercion. It is the only complete and proven horse-human developmental training system available, providing a full and comprehensive curriculum specifically designed to teach horse owners how to develop their horses holistically, classically, and logically.


This training process is proven to work for all horses because it teaches
you how to honor your horse’s spirit, their nature, and satisfy their
intrinsic need for connection and relationship. 
This is the only way to achieve true consent, trust, and partnership with horses, through friendship, love, building rapport and meeting their needs.


Tom Dorrance made a huge impact on my horsemanship. He wrote about the need for two-way communication between horse and human and willing partnership, with an emphasis on feeling of and for the horse – meaning, being empathetic and able to see the world through the horses’ eyes.


He was the godfather to natural horsemanship and began the revolution in how we think about horses, care for them, handle them and train them. Tom Dorrance is known as the "horse's lawyer," and is respected to this day for his astute observation and understanding of horses, how they feel and giving them a voice. He was often quoted: "What I know about the horse I learned from the horse."


Consensual Partnership Training includes Tom’s principles and so much more. To begin with, it’s about:
  1. Getting consent/agreement from your horse. 

  2. Getting acceptance of what you are asking them (not making them) to do with you.

  3. And, most of all, getting permission to do x, y and z. Example would be asking/getting permission to touch your horse, groom your horse, work with your horse and most of all ride your horse – permission to mount.

Learn how to develop the ultimate relationship and riding with your horse through deep connections, love, harmony, and consensual partnership in Caroline’s signature and proven, step-by-step online training system, MasteryMembership, Relationship, Liberty, Ground & Riding Foundation Program.

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