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Learn from the Beste!

Experience the Magic of Learning, through connection, relationship,
and communication with horses!



Caroline’s teaching, training and instruction incorporates experiential learning, creating the highest level of learning, retention, and success for humans and horses.

Experiential learning is an engaged learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience. 

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember.
Involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin

It is considered both a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage with students in direct experience and focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values. 


The following are all examples of experiential learning:

  • Going to the zoo to learn about animals through observation, instead of reading about them. 

  • Growing a garden to learn about photosynthesis instead of watching a movie about it. 

  • Hoping on a bicycle to try and learn to ride, instead of listening to your parent explain the concept.

  • Learning how to ride a horse bareback as a child.


“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.” – David Kolb


In addition to experiential learning, Caroline’s training method includes the universal teachings of the great masters of Classical Horsemanship, Evidence-based Horsemanship, Taoism, and Tai Chi. 

When combined, these modalities are infused with the elements necessary to developing people and their equine partners authentically, holistically and with understanding.


Most Popular online Courses!

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Where to Begin

With a collection of training videos


Everything Horses & More! Video Library

A Holistic & Comprehensive Approach to Horse Care, Handling, Training, Problem Solving & Riding as One with Your Horse

Caroline’s video library features hundreds of videos about everything horse-related and so much more! Each month a new full -length training video is added to the library and your inbox.


Join today to learn how to create an amazing relationship, connection, and partnership with your horse!

Create the Deepest Connection

In Mind, Movement & Heart

Through relationship, energy & biomechanics


Discover the Spirituality of Horsemanship Course & Become One with Your Horse in Mind, Movement & Relationship*

Develop a Confident, Connected, and Balanced Horse through Bonding, Energy Awareness, and Synchronized Movement

Learn how to connect, communicate, and develop horses using mind-body-heart alignment and synergy called Chakra Conscious®. ​

Developing your horse’s emotions, mind and movement is important to your riding success and what creates a happy, healthy, and safe riding partner in your horse. 

Caroline’s Spirituality Course is her foundation to Riding as One™ and will show you how to create both the relationship and movement of your dreams with horses. 

It all begins with rapport and relationship. From here we begin to create a deep and mutual level of understanding, heart-connection, and unity with our horse.

Caroline has a special, powerful, and proven way of teaching you how to connect deeply and in everything you do together. This process involves engaging energy, being attuned and mindful, and embodiment training. 

During this process you and your horse learn to become present and tuned into one another. This helps you both learn how to connect deeply, communicate, flow, and work together.

This way is so powerful it also assists in trauma and rehabilitation and leads to enrichment, healing, and well-being for both horse and human.

The mindfulness, energy, and connection you create with your horse is then transferred into specific liberty and lunging exercises designed to refine your relationship while developing your horse’s movement. These include straightness training, balance, self-carriage, and collection.

As Caroline always says, “develop the movement you want to ride before you ride.” This is paramount to learning to ride as one with your horse. 

*This course does not include riding and is included in Caroline’s MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program.

Develop Your Horse Yourself from the Start to Finish

Training for the Whole Horse & Rider


MasteryMembership™ Riding Foundation Program

A Holistic & Proven, Step-by-Step Training System Designed to Teach You How to Develop You & Your Horse’s Riding Foundation 

Caroline’s experience with horses as intelligent, sentient beings inspired her to create her signature and proven horse-human developmental training system, Consensual Partnership Training – a first of its kind horse training system based on relationship, consensual partnership, and conscious leadership.

Caroline has spent over 15 years teaching thousands of horses and riders her consensual partnership methodology to training, rehabilitation, and foundation. 

During this time, she developed her signature and proven MasteryMembership Riding Foundation Program - a complete, all-inclusive, and universal training system that focuses on consensual partnership to develop you and your horse together, simultaneously - from the inside out, start to finish, ground to riding, rehab to recovery, novice to pro.

It doesn’t matter what you or your horse’s experience is, Caroline’s program is designed to teach you how to develop together, as one, in heart connection (relationship), mind (thought) and body (movement).

It’s a magical process of transformation for both, creating the depth of connection needed to achieve the relationship and ride of your dreams with your horse. 

If you have been searching for a horse training program that focuses on developing both horse and human in relationship, consensual partnership, and conscious leadership, this program is for you! 

Please click here for an outline of Caroline’s training system found in her Mastery Foundation Program

Learn to Ride Bitless, Balanced & Confident

Learn How to Ride with Ease, Confidence and Mind-Body

Connection with Your Horse

Canter 2 (1).jpg

Bitless, Balanced & Confident Riding Masterclass

Ride as One™ with your horse naturally, effortlessly, and in harmony.

Groundbreaking (1).png

This masterclass riding course demystifies the complexities of learning the advanced mechanics of riding and breaks them down into an easy, step-by-step formula to follow.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ride bitless, balanced, and with confidence, this course is for you. 

It doesn’t matter what discipline you ride or your experience, everyone will be a beginner when they start this course!

Over the years I’ve discovered what’s missing in today’s riding instruction and developed a course that will share all my knowledge and secrets to successful riding with you!


Success means Riding as One™ with your horse. No more fear, force, stress or pressure for you or your horse. You and your horse will be so connected you will read each other’s mind, follow each other’s movement, and take care of one another.

Struggling with Your Horse?

Use Caroline’s Expert Tips, Techniques and Problem-solving Strategies

IMG_8062 - lo res.jpg

12-Week OTTB
Re-training Course

Learn to re-start any horse using powerful, safe, and useful training techniques, tips, and problem-solving strategies that work on any horse!

Watch as Caroline takes her 3 OTTB’s through her 90-day re-training program and completely changes them, from the inside out, ground to riding, walk to collected canter.

If you want to start learning Caroline’s amazing method today but can’t afford the MasteryMembership Program, this is a great course to begin with.

*While this course follows Caroline’s training system provided in her step-by-step MasteryMembership Program, this is not a step-by-step program.

Courses about rehabilitating, developing & re-training


Re-starting the Challenging Young Horse Course

Re-training that Restores Trust & Confidence While Creating a Solid Foundation in Your Horse

This course is for the young horse that has gotten a rough start and a bad rap. And believe me when I tell you that most young horses do. 


The lessons in this course are designed for you and you horse, creating foundational building blocks that help you understand, and problem solve, while developing an open learning frame of mind, trust, and confidence in your young horse.


In my experience, 98% of young horses have been messed up by negative influences and experiences such as mishandling and labeling. These experiences end up creating their bad, crazy, and often unpredictable behavior.


Because these experiences shape their associations and perceptions, they become skeptical, fearful, and unsure of every situation and human they encounter. This makes them “difficult” to understand, work with and develop.

If this is you and your young horse, rest assured, you’re at the best place for help.

Taming the Wild Horse

Consensual, patient, and compassionate

Lando - bonding 2 - square.jpg

A Fear-Free and Groundbreaking Approach to Taming, Gentling, Handling, and Developing
Wild Horses

Learn quiet, fear-free, stress-free approaches to taming, gentling, and creating rapport with wild horses

Groundbreaking (1).png

Welcome to Caroline Beste's Wild Horse Gentling Course! A revolutionary and

groundbreaking approach to taming, gentling, handling, and developing wild horses.


I hope you join me on this beautiful journey with Lando, the 5-year-old Wild Mustang from Idaho who gets a new chance on life.


In addition to watching Lando’s journey in this course, you are provided with over 50 instructional video lessons designed to teach you Caroline’s amazingly gentle, compassionate, and effective approach to gaining a wild horse’s trust, respect and willing partnership.


Each video is lengthy and layered, containing a plethora of education, insight, technique, and groundbreaking approaches you won’t see anywhere else.


If you want to learn how to develop a relationship that is built on consensual partnership - trust, respect, and mutual love, - and, without the use of food rewards, pressure, fear or submission, this course is for you!


This course is applicable for any horse, especially one that’s scared, damaged and distrustful.


Enroll today and let’s continue this journey together!

Horse Care 101

Holistic Horse Care & Wellness Course

Screenshot (22).png

Holistic Horse Care
& Wellness Guide

A Holistic Approach to Your
Horse’s Health, Care & Well-Being

This guide offers a holistic perspective and approach to horse’s care, health, wellness, and well-being. Caroline provides you with personal experience and time-tested results ranging from all-natural nutrition, saddle fitting, farrier to chiropractic, lameness, nutrition, equine emotions, transportation and trailering and so much more!

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